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What is sociology?

Chapter 1 and 2 in "Sociology A Christian Approach for Changing the World"
19th century German sociologist
Data collected by others
Focuses on the meanings created by interpersonal exchange of symbols (words, gesture)
Statements about expected relationships between two or more variables
Taking a second look at the "world taken for granted"
A type of observation in which researcher observes behavior while interacting with subject and making identity as researcher known
Degree to which a measurement reflects what it claims to measure
Father of sociology
Social structures and institutions that are built on individual sin
A theory that views society as a system of interconnected parts
A data collection method
Focuses on the tensions and power struggles in society
Consistency with which a measure can be reproduced
Science of society
An important way to do social science research
A type of variable that causes change in another variable
Social behaviors expected of people in society
20th century American sociologist
+ and - behaviors used to enforce a norm