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Chapter 5: (History of U.S. and Canada)

Teacher: Mrs. Romfo
An addition to the constitution.
A smaller community surrounding a larger city.
A law that legally blocks something.
President during the Civil War.
They were the first Europeans to discover North America.
A government in which voters elect representatives to a lawmaking body called parliament.
The issue which divided the U.S. in the mid 1800's.
A country that runs itself with the exception of foreign affairs.
Currently, it's a major problem for the U.S.
To declare ownership of a particular area.
The 13 U.S. colonies fought this country in order to win their independence.
Overseas settlement tied to a parent country.
The territory created for the Inuit people of Canada.
The Canadian province which has the most French culture.
A type of government in which power is shared between the state and federal governments.
Having two official languages.
The first ten ammendments are called this.
Refers to people who are descended from an area's first inhabitants.
The lawmaking body in Canada is called this (similar to our congress):
The center of power of our federal government.
Both the U.S. and Canada are made up of these:
The leader of the government in Canada is called this(similar to our president):
In Canada, the 2 official languages are English and:
Thousands of years ago, the first people crossed the Bering Strait from this continent to settle in North America.
England, France, and this country settled most of North America.