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The American Revolution

Maya Miller 
History 2B
Mr. Stucki
What the people who live in France are called
Soldiers who fought on horseback
What the people that live in America are called
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
The place where George Washington's continental army spent the winter of 1777-78 in extreme hardships of the American Revolution
sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid
What the people who live in Britain are called
A group of nations taking military action together
A person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government
a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside
To seal off a port to prevent the transportation of goods over seas
The introductory part of a statute or deed, stating its purpose, aims, and justification
The continent that France, Britain, and Netherlands are all in. (Starts with an 'E')
A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine
a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces
A person who serves in the army
A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to fight against enemies of detractors
The first president of the US's last name.
a commander of an army, or an army officer of very high rank
A person who betrays a friend, country, principle,etc.,