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Chapter 20 US history vocabulary crossword puzzle

Poorly built over crowded housing
Leisure and culture activities shared by many people
He design Central Park in New York City as well as many State and national parks.
This person saw that Color comics helped sell papers so he added them to his paper.
Neighborhood centers in poor areas that offered education, recreation, and social activities.
Person who arrived after ATV
Places outside the city
Worked to help lawmakers take action against sweatshops.
The most famous settlement house of the period.
Hot stuffy workshops where workers are paid low wages
Famous for exposing the horrible conditions in New York City housing areas.
Cramped quarters on a ship that providing cheap passage passage
Person who arrived in the United States before 1880
An aid organization formed by immigrant communities
Giant retail shops.
First person to add color comics to his paper
Public transport station
Made a rundown neighborhood into Hull house.