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US history chapter 19 part 2 crossword puzzle

A view of society based on scientist Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection
Became the leader of the knights in 1879
Someone threw a bomb that wounded many police officers and killed eight the police fired into the crowd killing several people and wounding 100 others
This incident began on May 11, 1894 it stopped traffic on many of her road lines until title police ordered the workers to return to their jobs
Another early labor union was
Took place at Andrew Carnegie's Homestead steel factory in Pennsylvania union members there protested a plan to buy new machinery and cut jobs
Lead in early labor union
A lot that made it illegal to create monopolies
Founded in the 1870s the first national labor union
All workers acting collectively or together workers had a much greater chance of success in negotiating and management
A engineer published a popular book called the principles of scientific management
An Irish immigrant who worked for better conditions for miners
A total ownership of product or service