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world history chs.1-4

When an individual is born again and again until moksha is acheived
A powerful seafaring people
A belief that everything in the universe has a soul and should not be harmed
South of Israel
Frist 5 books of the bible
Region at the eastern end of the Mediterranean sea
Founder of buddism
Where Crete was located
Where you stand in society; your role in society
Asia minor
Peace money paid by weaker power
The belief in only one god
A sacred promise between god and his people sealed with blood
A group of seminomadic peoples who came from the steppes
A great indian epic poem reflecting the struggles of the aryans as they moved south into india
King of the minoans
the one god chose to be "The father" of the jewish
The Minoan capitol
A souls good or bad deeds
Another indo-european group after the hitties began to establish themselves in anatolia
The top caste in the system
The most power flu traders after Crete's decline
Dry grasslands that stretched north of caucasus
Movements of peoples from one region to another:happened in waves over a long period of time
4 collections of sacred writings produced by the aryans during the early stages of their settlements
North of judah
One group of indo-europeans
The release from selfishness and pain
Who led the Israelites out of slavery