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Spelling Enrichment 1/9/17

Second day of the school week
The sound that a frog makes
In spite of the fact that
Top number of fraction
Tenth month
Past tense of break
To take into stomach by way of throat
Six month
Line that separates numerator and denominator
Beneath the surface
Third month
opposite of under
First day of the weekend
To have something taken without permission
Twelfth month
Past tense of speak
Eighth month
Seventh month
Fourth month
First month
Not solid
First day of the week
Bottom number in fraction
Fifth month
Eleventh month
Distinguished by rank or title
An announcement
Ninth month
Third day of the school week
Second month
First day of the school week
To stop breath
To ask question, ex. marriage
To move about
Short period of time
Fourth day of the school week