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SCP History 10 Midterm

The ability of the market place to respond to public demands without the government getting involved
People of Spanish descent who were born in the Americas
Group of English textile workers who protested the Industrial Revolution by destroying machines
the movement of people from the countries to the cities
Concept that No one country should be allowed to dominate the others
Ideology that supports rights, freedoms, and liberties
system of government that values cooperation rather than competition
Meeting of European powers in the early 1800s with goals of maintaining a balance of power, restoring legitimacy by redrawing the map of Europe
Resources, tools and infrastructure used for making stuff is known as
Government controlled economy
Forced journey of the Cherokee Indians west.
Country in which the Industrial Revolution began
“divine mission” to spread to the Pacific Coast or perhaps all of North America
The wave of revolutions in Latin America began in 1791 with a slave uprising in this French colony
authorized the president to use force to see that acts of Congress were obeyed.
When people in charge reward loyal supporters with government jobs (also known as patronage)
First industry to industrialize
Declaring the Tariff 1828 unconstitutional, this state threatened secession from the Union
authorized President Jackson to negotiate treaties to relocate Native American tribes West of the Mississippi.
An informal group of men who advised Jackson
1% of the population in Spanish controlled Latin America, but had the most power
Foreign policy of the 1800s in which the US would not stand for further colonization by European nations in the Western Hemisphere
Belief that people should be united according to their common heritages and languages.