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New Mexico History Chapter 1

Places on earth that have at least one common feature
Study of the characteristics of human populations
Fifth largest state
Staked plains
Similar to mesa but smaller
Understanding events and people based on the accepted ideas and values of the time period being studied
One sided point of view
Half of the earth
Description of where a place is in relation to other places or things
Natural or manmade pond
Measurement of distances east and west of the prime meridian
Secondhand account
Measurement of distances north and south of the equator
Means table in Spanish
Area of land with unique physical features as well as distinct plants and animals
Reference line
Fields of lava
Region that New Mexico is located within
Exact position of a place
Firsthand accounts or original objects and documents from the past
History told to others
Study of Earth's land, water, people, plants, and animals
Region where North Dakota is located
Objects people made or used in the past
Stream or small river