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US History Midterm Review

North's economy relied on this
Bill of Rights for Pilgrims
Pushed for war against Britain in 1811
President during war declared on Britain in 1812
Reason French came to Americas
Finest harbor on the Atlantic Coast
Colonists who disagreed with established church
The size of the United States nearly doubled because of this
Colonial protest drew upon these ideas
Had greater impact on American society than canals
The ____ Compromise brought more representation in Congress for southern states
Encouraged people to leave England
Drafted Declaration of Independence
"Give me liberty, or give me death"
What mammoths and giant bison were to first American hunters.
Required colonies provide house and supplies for British troops
Interest of sailors to France
Won the election of 1860
Where Constitutional Convention was held
What did the Southwest Natives build their houses out of?
Those who opposed British taxes
Led violet protests against British taxation
Mormons led by Brigham Young settled here
Spain explored and established colonies in search of this.
Columbus established a settlement on this island
British Navy relied on this to increase their numbers
Changed agriculture in the South
The first permanent European settlement.
Tried to colonize Roanoke
Country Jefferson purchased Louisiana Territory from