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SCP History 9 Midterm

New sailing vessel designed for ocean travel
He described life in the original state of nature as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short,” thus an absolute monarchy was in order to keep the people in line.
pardons for sins sold by the Roman Catholic Church
study of Ancient Greek and Roman times (classical times)
kick out of the church
Representative body of England that helped prevent absolutism
Technique used to create depth in artwork
government run by church leaders
European country that claimed present day middle America; focused on the fur trade
Winner of the French and Indian War
economic system in which a country’s wealth is based on exporting more than it imports
Supporter of the arts
Complete control over something
Birth place of the Renaissance
Outside of religion; Renaissance attitude
The Treaty of Tordesillas divided land claims of the New World between Portugal and this country
Theory that the sun is the center of the universe
Technique of painting on wet plaster
to go around the whole world
System in which businesses are owned by individual investors instead of by the government.
Spanish conquer
Calvinist belief that God is all knowing and has already determined who will be saved
everyday language of the people
Monarchy that has no limits or checks
Family that controlled Florentine politics and were patrons of the arts