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Chemistry Assignment

A Canadian woman who made large contributions to nuclear chemistry
Proposed Quantum Mechanics
Proposed the uncertainty principle
The electron path around the nucleus proposed by Bhor
A subatomic particle of negative charge
The numbers which describe the location of electrons around the nucleus
The release of electrons from a substance due to light striking the surface of a metal
Proposed the planetary model
Proposed the quantum hypothesis
Proposed one of the first atomic theories
Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion
Proposed the rain bun model
The electron configuration in a metallic crystal
The theoretical process of the combination of orbitals for covalent bonding
Proposed the wave theory of the electron
A technique for analyzing spectra
Proposed the nuclear model of the atom
Another name for a double bond
A region around the nucleus where an electron is likely to be found
A molecule with a slight charge on each end