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Dork Diaries Book Puzzle

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Nikki's first dress for the ball was made out of ____.
Nikki got hit in the head with a _________.
The Mad Hatter carried around a plate with cheese and a _______.
Who was trying to protect Nikki from The Wicked Witch Of The West?
The ______________ needed The Wizard Of Odd so he wasn't at the ball.
The Three Bears found nuts, berries, and _______ on Baby Bear's bed.
Who appeared in a plant at the Queen Of Heart's castle?
Nikki's teacher had a book full of fairy______.
Nikki lost her high_____ when she was leaving the ball.
Nikki's __________ consisted of Mackenzie, The Wolf, and The Three Bears.
Brianna forgot to turn on the voice __________.
The Wicked Witch Of The West had a pair of ______ shoes.
Mackenzie had to clean the locker room _______ during detention.
Nikki had to leave the ball when the clock struck _______.
The Big Bad Wolf's _____ snapped off.