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In the Heart of the Sea Crossword puzzle

Author: nathaniel philbrick
Who took the Essex out to sea?
Who was Nancy Joy a widow to?
Who separated from Hendricks?
Who was Tristram coffin's son?
Who is a boatsteerer?
What is the ocean?
Who was the one who leaped into breach?
What is it called when you go on a long journey at sea?
What are the small islands in between africa and south america?
Who moved up first mate?
What are in the galapagos islands?
What is the king's name?
What is the name of the place that is next to cape verde islands?
Who led the men in Prayer?
Who is the son of Nancy coffin?
What was the animal that sunk the Essex?
What sails in the sea?
What is the town the Essex took sail from?
What is the ocean next to north and south America?
Which book inspired nathaniel philbrick to write this book?
What are the people who belief in pacifism?
What is the place where their are a bunch of boats?
What is the name of the ship that was destroyed?
What is the ship that took sail from nantucket?
What is the Essex called today?