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Chemistry Vocabulary

Subatomic particle with a negative charge
Neutral subatomic particle
Family with a full outer shell
Atoms of the same element with a different mass.
The metal family of group 1
Reaction with products of carbon dioxide and water
Atoms gain or lose electrons to obtain a full outer shell of electrons
Element that has gained one or more electron
Reaction where a compound is broken down into simpler products.
The average kinetic energy of molecules
An atom with a charge due to the loss or gain of an electron
Two atoms of the same element bonded together
Group 17 of the periodic table
Atom that has lost one or more electrons
The substance(s) produced in a chemical reaction
Bond where electrons are shared
Bond made by atoms gaining or losing electrons
The substance(s) present at the start of a reaction
Calculating chemical quantities in reactions.
Calculated by adding the protons plus neutrons
Smallest part of an element
6.02 x 10^23 particles
Central part of the atom containing protons and neutrons
Outer shell electrons
Subatomic particle with a positive charge