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Nature's Fury Vocabulary

To shake a little bit
A unit 6 feet long, used to measure the depth of water
To happen
Hurt or wounded
Moving people from a place to protect them from danger
A scientific or mechanical process, method or devices
An extremely terrible event
A patio or balcony
A result or an effect
To be powerful and violent
Information or facts
Extremely large
To have a very strong effect
To splash
A tool or device, especially one used for scientific work
Parts or pieces of something that has been destroyed
The point in the sky directly overhead
Strength or power
Not common
To check on something for a period of time
To examine something carefully
Terrible damage or harm
Not aware or awake
All of the people born around the same time
To stop or interrupt the movement of something
A group of similar things
Strange and scary
To move in an unsteady way
Way of doing something that requires skill
To fall down suddenly
To notice
A picture in your mind