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Lesson 13 Spelling

a very small space of time; moment
to shake uncontrollably
a mark; looks like this: '
a buyer and seller of goods for profit
to provide with pictures or diagrams intended to explain or decorate
clothes that have been or are to be washed
the state or time of being a child
to make or become better
to get by paying money for
a member of a partnership
a device usually of metal that is attached to a boat or ship by a cable and that when thrown overboard digs into the earth and holds the boat or ship in place
in a plain manner
to express grief, pain, or discontent; grumble
very cold; north pole region
the action or sound of laughing
knowledge of right and wrong and a feeling one should do what is right
an extended struggle
any of various small whales with teeth and a long nose
a person who commits burglary
to serve a certain purpose
a child whose parents are dead
having many parts, details, or ideas
a song of praise or gladness
to provide with a job that pays wages or a salary