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Greece Vocabulary Chapter 4

Jayson Cottenham 

Open area that served as a marketplace and meeting place
Government in which all citizens share in the running of the government.
League created by Athens and other city-states (except Sparta), promised to defend its members against Persians
Most important leader after Pisistratus died, reorganized assembly to play central role in governing, created new assembly of 500 that was chosen by lottery
City-state in ancient Greece which developed into a democracy; most powerfulof the city-states, 1st olympics
Persian religion; taught that humans had the freedom to chose between right and wrong and the goodness would win in the end, monotheistic
King of Persia, divided government into 20 provinces called satrapies because the empire was too big to control
System of government in which citizens elect others to speak, act and vote for them on government matters
Person who was conquered and enslaved by the Spartans
Lawmaking body of government made up of a group of citizens
Large hill in the center of the city, where people sought shelter and safety in times of war and met to discuss community issues
Official who ruled a state in the Persian empire under Darius
Great Athenian general and statesman; expanded democracy by allowing lower class male citizens to run for political office , and vote
20 states into which Darius divided the Persian Empire
1st Greek kings, invaded Minoans and took control of Greece, copied Minoan culture
Group of citizens chosen to hear evidence and make a decision in a court of law
Government in which a few , elite (wealthy and powerful) people rule
System of government in which all citizens gather and make decisions governmental matters
King of Persia, built Persia into one of the biggest empires
Not Greek but their civilization was 1st to arise in area that became Greece,made wealth from trade ,collapsed in 1450 BC
Area which is now southwestern Iran , people were warriors and nomads
Athenian noble,brought reforms to Greece, canceled farmers debts , freed those who had become slaves, allowed all male citizens to participate in assembly but refused to give away nobles land
Early Greek city-state, made up of a city and the surrounding country side and run like an independent country
Independent state made up of a city and the surrounding land and villages
Body of land with water on 3 sides (like michigan)
Tyrant who seized power 30 years after the turmoil left when Solon died, divided large estates of nobles among landless poor , gave poor people jobs
Person who takes power by force and rules with absolute power and authority
Person with rights and responsibilities in his/her community or country in ancient Greece,only males could be citizens
Settlement in a new territory that keeps ties with its homeland
Government ruled by a king or queen
Largest of the ancient greece city-states; were warriors; had an oligarchy