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Ch. 7 Ancient Greece: Lesson 1

The sea on the WEST side of the Greek peninsula
The flat market place in town below the acropolis
Considered the first civilization in ancient Greece; it was destroyed by tsunamis.
The people who actually ran the city-states
Land surrounded by water on three sides
The largest of the three seas around the Greek peninsula; it is to the south.
Piece of pottery used as a ballot when voting someone out of the community
The sea to the EAST of the Greek peninsula.
The people who swept down from the mountains in the north and conquered the Myceneans.
A group of armed foot soldiers arranged close together in rows
A settlement away from home that maintains close ties with its home.
The ancient Greek word for "city-state."
Greek word that means "high city".
The time the Dorians controlled Greece and there was no art, literature, or trade.
The second civilization in ancient Greece; it was destroyed by volcanoes and the Dorians.