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American History: New Nation

Early Americans
______-Federalists were suspicious of a national government
Anti-federalists feared this government person might become king.
The plan from this state called for two houses in the legislative branch.
Men representing states at the convention were called these
A deal that helped make both sides happy
The 4th amendment protects against unreasonable search and ________.
It replaced the Articles of Confederation
Anti-federalists believed a national government would get too __________.
The Founding ____________
This amendment calls for free speech and religion.
These states used slavery
The 6th Amendment say people has a right to a _______.
Anti-federalists feared loss of _________rights.
This "Bill of" was added to the Constitution to get it ratified.
Elected president of the Constitutional Convention
Deemed as the best-prepared and studied delegate
They supported a strong national government
Number of states needed to ratify the Constitution
Constitution's birthplace
Number of original states
Often called the "father" of the Constitution.
This amendment relates to gun ownership
Another word for approving or passing the Constitution
The _______of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation was considered too _______build a strong country.
This number of branches of government was created
Slaves were counted as Three-______ of a white person
President Washington sought to make these with native tribes
This compromise combined plans and helped pass the Constitution