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Chemical Substance Use and Abuse

Unsanitary injections can cause Hepatitis, AIDS, and other infections
Similar to adrenalin/ Followed by Mental depression and fatigue
Reduces hunger, fatigue, bordem, improves alertness and motor activity
LYSERGIC ACID DIETHYLAMIDE: A synthetic material derived from a fungus (ergot) that grows on rye and other plants.
Distort the user's perceptions, creating hallucinations consisting of sensory impressions of sights and sounds that do not exist. 6 Types
Affects moods, perceptions, bodily functions, consciousness
Other common name: Psilocin. "magic mushroom"
PHENCYCLIDINE: Distorts the senses, disrupts balance, leads to an inability to think clearly
Beer, wine, vodka, brandy
Similar to AMYL NITRATE. side effects: fainting, headaches, dizziness
Derived from a cactus plant. Mescaline is the synthetic form
Produce a temporary increase in a person's activity level or efficiency
Reddening of the eyes, dryness of the throat and mouth, slight rise in heart rate. feeling "high" or "floating"
Synthetic male hormones, derivatives of testosterone
Also known as Methaqualone or "love drug": enhances sexual pleasure, and gives a feeling of euphoria
Used to reduce anxiety, relax muscles, sedatives
Used to relieve insomnia and anxiety
Last for 3-6 hours; leads to dehydration, hypertension and heart or kidney failure
When sniffed causes blood vessels to dilate and heart rate to increase when left open the chemical evaporates (gas)
Number 1 killer drug. Nicotine is the primary drug
Increases strength and endurance Physical effects: Increased blood pressure, loss of appetite Method: snorting
(rock) mixed with water, ammonium hydroxide, cocaine; spreads AIDS through sharing needles Method: injection