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Spelling - List 16

No name given; The poem was written by an __________ poet.
To dedicate; I will ________ my thoughts to being pure.
The _________ worked the criminal's case to prove him guilty.
To tease or to make insulting remarks; The children made a bad choice to _______ the new kid in their class.
Not all of one kind; I have a drawer full of _________ items.
The sound of the faucet dripping was an _________ when I was trying to read.
She ________ at the pool all day long in the warm summer sun.
Alexander Graham Bell is credited for inventing the _________.
You car is also known as an __________.
A person or organization that employs people; My dad's _________ is US Foods.
Ohana food is ____________.
Important; Her decision to make Jesus her Savior was a ______ part of her life.
This state's name means "wooden canoe people"
Work in an organized way toward a particular goal - usually political; Donald Trump had lots of people supporting his ________.
Abundant, more than enough; I have an _________ amount of food in my pantry.
I takes two _________ to feed my family.
I hope I never break my __________ like uncle Randy did.
Of the nature of a miracle; Grandma made a ________ recovery.
A railroad or bus station; She dropped me off at the ________ because I was traveling to Disney by bus.
A statement that makes something clear; I felt like I needed to give an __________ for why I acted that way.
A plan for carrying out a process or procedure; We usually have a _______ for our vacation.
The capital of this state is Augusta
I am about to ____________ my mind.
When I lost weight, my clothes because very ________.
Lung inflammation caused by infection; I felt terrible when I had ___________.
Polite and kind behavior; As a __________ to the passengers, the airline provided snacks.
Chip and Mrs. Potts live in the ____________.
Typical of the tropics; The island of Hawaii has _________ weather.
A respiratory condition making it difficult to breathe; The boy used an inhaler after running because he has ________.
A deceiver, pretender; The bank robber was an _____________.