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Biology of Animals Ch. & 11

The process of cancerous cells spreading to other tissues
Base insertion or deletion, which shifts the reading frame
The process of making more DNA by using an existing strand of DNA as a template
Mass of rapidly dividing cells that does not spread through out the body so it is harmless
RFLPs are used to identify DNA; used by police and detectives
An issue occurs that causes there to be a change in DNA which then changes proteins and, in turn, changes traits inherited
Base substitution which converts one amino acid into another
Step in DNA replication that results in the creation of and RNA strand, which was created under the direction of DNA
Synthesis of protein under direction of RNA
Converts an amino acid into a stop codon, causing a truncated protein
A cancer-causing agent
Mass of cells that rapidly divide and spread throughout the body
3 nucleotide sequence in mRNA that specifies for a particular amino acid
A cancercausing gene