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Africa History Review

Separation of races in South Africa
The type of land Africa is
First black president of Africa
Political party in South Africa that tried to end apartheid and fight for equal rights for black Africans.
Dividing up Africa
Artificial political boundaries caused ______ and eventually led to civil war.
When a strong country conquers a weaker country.
This organization works to unify Africa by encouraging democracy, safeguarding human rights, and building strong economies.
Pride in your country.
This event's purpose was to partition Africa among the European nations.
This country got the most land from colonizing Africa.
European control of Africa was awful, but it did lead to Africans having schools, hospitals and _____ which made getting around easier.
This African American was an early supporter of the Pan-African movement.
Movement that had all types of Africans working together to take back their land from the Europeans.
Natural resource used for transportation
Last white president of South Africa that ended apartheid