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The name for the position in Persia that was both governor and military ruler.
Cyrus used Israel as a buffer against this country.
Cyrus relied on this above all else to keep his Empire running smoothly.
Persians were greatly influenced by this spacey endeavor.
This man brought an end to the Empire in 334 B.C.
This Empire was destroyed by Xerxes.
Persia's first great ruler
Cyrus allowed this people group to return home from Babylon.
The Persian word for "King"
The Persian capitol
Darius heavily used these to keep an eye on his generals.
One of the defining characteristics of the Persian Empire that stretched thousands of miles was also their downfall.
The god of the Persians
The battle that destroyed most of Persia's fleet.
The general that stepped in after the death of Cambyses II
Darius' son
The Empire that Cyrus took out by not playing by the rules.
Persians felt you needed this before each big decision.