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Psychology Chapter 1

The scientific study of the structure, function, development, genetics, and biochemistry of the nervous system.
An approach to psychology emphasizing the mental processes involving in knowing.
An approach to psychology emphasizing the scientific study of observable behavioral responses and their environment determinants.
The scientific study of behavior.
The observation of behavior in a real-world setting.
In a drug study, a harmless substance that has no physiological effect, given to participants in a control group so that they are treated identically to the experimental group except for the active agent.
A testable prediction that derives logically from a theory.
An approach to psychology emphasizing unconscious thought, the conflict between biological drives and society's demands, and early childhood family experiences.
Anything that can change.
Gaining knowledge through the observation of events, the collection of data, and logical reasoning.
The situation where participants expectations, rather than the experimental treatment, produce an experimental outcome.
Everything we can do that can be directly observed.
The entire group about which the researcher wants to draw conclusions.
An in-depth look at a single individual.
The process of thinking deeply and actively, asking questions, and evaluating the evidence.
Research that examines the relationships between variables, whose purpose is to examine whether and how two variables change together.
The subset of the population chosen by the investigator for study.
An approach to psychology focusing on the body, especially the brain and nervous system.
The use of systematic methods to observe the natural world, including human behavior, and to draw conclusions.