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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

The Blake Boys Crossword IV

Author: R Laurel
What did Wyatt give Avery's dad for Christmas?
What is the name of the new Blake World companion series?
Which of Tate's sons needed a drive to help put him to sleep?
What did Anna Beth accidentally shred?
What song was playing when Gwen visited Anna Beth?
Where did Joy work?
Anna Beth will now be working at what new Blake subsidiary?
What did Avery drink for her 21st birthday?
The Blakes stopped their Christmas Eve celebration to help what family?
Who did Avery bump into while walking Bingo?
How did Courtney track Corbett's movements?
Where does Wyatt work?
Where did Channing take Cassidy to cheer her up?
What did Jake give Seth for Christmas?
What did Wyatt give Avery for her birthday?
What type of car does Channing drive?
Where did Avery and Parker do on their girls' night?
Who asked Cassidy to help Joy?
What did Anna Beth give Corbett for Christmas?
Who did Corbett pretend to be at the Tomcats' holiday event at the stadium?
What did Tyler do when he learned he was going to be a dad?
What is the name of Anna Beth's brother?
Who was the hunky mechanic that helped Channing fix Joy's car?