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Physical and Chemical Changes

These small units make up all forms of matter including living and non living things.
Toasted bread or _______ milk are considered chemical changes.
A general example of a physical change involving sugar and water.
A mixture that does not look or taste the same throughout.
A snow globe is a
These are the purest forms of matter.
The only true type of homogenous mixture we learned about.
Colloids have _______-sized particles.
The creation of a compound is a _______ change.
Melting ice is an example of a physical change that is generally known as a change in _______.
We are the "lightweights" of an atom.
A chemical combination of matter results in the formation of a _______.
Physicall changes are usually _______ so you can get back what you physicallly combined together.
An equation showing a physical change would be COOH + OH = COOH + _______.
The number at the bottom of a symbol representing an element is known as atomic _______.