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Latin American History: Indigenous and MISC questions

Teacher: Ian Keil
The first South American civilization
In what peninsula did the Mayan civilian develop?
A cold war containment policy used by Latin American countries against internal enemies
The pre-Inca culture who used platinum as a symbol of political and religious power
This person discovered the Amazon river
The founding father of Argentina's independence
What did the Aztecs call Mexico City DF?
The Chilean indigenous nation who is known for its fierce resistance during the Spanish invasion
The 1970s is considered the false ____ decade in Latin America
What South American country has 2 capitals
The name of the Aztec pyramid that symbolizes power and where sacrifices took place
The founding father of Chile's independence
This was used as a trophy by the Shuar tribe
Name of the deity that is carved on the Puerta del Sol in Tihuanacu Bolivia
A religous theory based the poor suffering, called Christianized Marxism and supportive of armed resistance
The pre-Inca culture who is recognized for pioneering pottery in South America
The indigenous nation that is recognized as teh majority in Paraguay
Was acculturation detrimental or beneficial for Latin America?
The foundning father of Uruguay's independence
The symbol chosen for the foundation of the city of Mexico by the Aztecs
The official language of the Inca Empire
The Ecuadorian president who was kidnapped at the military base of Taura
What is the name of the Aztec emperor who confronted Hernan Cortez when he invaded Mexico?