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Mountain Music History

Born: May 7, 1833 in Hamburg.
His music was the culmination of the Baroque style.
He was a child prodigy of Mozartian proportions.
His music was almost entirely neglected during his lifetime.
Everything he did and wrote was extravagant.
Most of his scores were hidden away in a private Italian collection for almost two centuries.
If romance consists of passion and suffering, he had more than his fair share.
He was the most important Russian composer of the 20th century and the last great symphonist.
His family were one of the most remarkable families in the history of music.
He is the only composer in history whose music provoked a full-scale riot in the concert hall.
One of the most widely performed composers for the piano.
He was a difficult composer and a difficult man.
His genius for music was extraordinary and perhaps unique.
He was introduced to the piano at age nine while visiting an aunt at Cannes.
He has always provoked extreme emotions among music lovers.
His serene melodic style is universally appealing.
Known as the greatest Russian composer of Romantic music.
He was a towering genius, and western music was never the same after him.
He created marvelous music out of the traditional songs of his homeland and the folk melodies of America.
Seemed to have been the happiest and most generous of all the great composers.