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Exploration and Early Spanish Settlement of New Mexico

Teacher: Scarborough
The Zuni village entered by Esteban and Coronado. AHNM88
NM became this on November 1, 1609. AHNM112
First governor of NM (Spanish) AHNM103
Spanish conquistador who sailed to Florida. His trip was a disaster and he died during a hurricane while trying to sail back to Cuba. AHNM84
Punished for several crimes, including settling New Mexico without a grant from the king. AHNM100, 102
Name of NM's first Spanish settlement and capitol. AHNM106
The spread of a diseases through many people. Bell Ringers/vocabulary entries
Viceroy of New Spain who sent Fray Marcos's expedition northward to explore the territory north of New Spain. AHNM87
Led expedition to NM to claim 7 Cities of Gold. Found and claimed Zuni Pueblo for Spain, men first Europeans to see Grand Canyon. Did not find wealth. AHNM90
Wanted to know what happened to the two priests who had stayed behind in NM. AHNM99-100
Onate carved his name along with 100s of others on this at El Morro National Monument. AHNM111
Becomes the capitol of NM in 1610. Name means "Holy Faith". AHNM113
The Jornada del Muerto was a 90 mile stretch of ___ in southern NM. The name means "Journey of the Dead Man." AHNM96
Second Spanish settlement AHNM107
The name Fray Marcos gave to the Zuni area during his first expedition. AHNM89
The last survivor of Pecos Pueblo. Died in 1919 at Jemez Pueblo. AHNM101
Priest given a grant to explore NM to establish a mission church. He was killed at Tiquex Pueblo along with another priest. AHNM99
Explored NM hoping to find mines and a "lake of gold". AHNM100
Chosen as the head of an expedition sent north of New Spain. The goal was to see if there were riches north of New Spain. He claimed to have seen 7 large wealthy cities near Zuni. AHNM87
Permission from a government official to do something. AHNM100
A journey for a reason, like scientific discovery or military information. Bell Ringers/Vocabulary Entries
Head government official in New Spain. 2nd only to the king. AHNM87
A Moor who had been taken as a slave. Part of the Narvaez expedition and 1 of the 4 survivors. He was killed at Zuni, possibly for wearing an offensive symbol. AHNM88
This Pueblo revolted against Onate and Spain's claims to the territory. Onate's nephew died during the battle. AHNM109