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The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Book 1 chapters 6 - 12

Strider finds a __ with a G-rune which he thinks might have been left behind by Gandalf.
The troupe is saved by Tom __.
Strider feared that the Black Riders believed Frodo's wound would __ him to their will.
It wasn't until Frodo slipped on the __ that the Black riders were able to see him.
Bree-men believed __ to have strange powers of sight and hearing.
__ had told Barliman to watch out of Frodo.
She is wife to the master of wood, water, and hill.
The troupe's plan to leave Bree early is forestalled as their __ had vanished.
The river suddenly turned into frothing white __ that swept the Black Riders away.
He dreams of being trapped inside the willow.
Bill __ was a spy for the Black Riders.
A __ had taken the Hobbits prisoner.
When Frodo slipped off the table he accidentally slipped on the one ring and __.
The elf that meets up with the troupe on their way to Rivendell.
After he had crossed the river Frodo did not flee the Black Riders as he felt __ to halt.
Frodo reminds the others that he is to go by the name __.
The knives the Hobbits got from the Barrow-Wight's __ were like swords in their hands.
When __ returns he tells the others he has seen Black Riders in Bree.
The white horse that Frodo rides.
__ offers his services to Frodo.
The first real danger the troupe meets is at the foot of the old __.
Barliman __ is the keeper of the Prancing Pony.
__ nearly told everyone in the common room the story of Bilbo's birthday party.
The trolls the troupe chances upon were the ones Gandalf had turned to __.
Frodo, having lost so much weight, says he fears he will turn into a __.
Strider's true name is __.
This is where Frodo had hoped they would meet up with Gandalf.
The Black Riders came to __ in search of Frodo.
Strider tells the Hobbit that they are at least a __ away from Rivendell.
Gandalf instructs Frodo to make his way to __.
Gandalf had asked Barliman to deliver this to Frodo.
__ had been stabbed by one of the Black Riders.
What happens to Tom Bombadil when he puts on the one ring?