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Ohio Country Territorial Disputes

Teacher: Mrs. Conley
Used to get messages to people who are far away from you (e.g. lighting a fire on a hilltop, reflecting mirrors)
the beliefs, customs, ways of life, etc. of a particular society, group, place, or time
Formally concluded and ratified agreement between parties
the ability to talk to other people by using hand gestures
the buying and selling of goods and services
a series of animal traps set up along a route
information that is usually biased that is used to support a particular group or idea
one form of a language that is spoken in a particular area of by a particular group
a mountain range that extends from Alabama to Quebec, Canada
a British Law that made it illegal for English colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains
the un-tanned hide or skin of an animal, often with the hair or fur still attached
a long-barreled single-shot gun
the make an agreement between parties that combines the desires of both sides
a group of investors that secured lands west of the Appalachian Mountains from the British government and established settlement in Ohio
to give up
the action of forcibly taking a person or persons away against their will
setting traps to catch animals
being held as a prisoner or against one’s will
a person who interprets between two or more groups who speak different languages
a group of countries or territories ruled by one nation
pictures drawn on a hide, bark sheet, or rock wall
a requirement or need for something
items or land owned by individuals and used exclusively by the owner
sword-like weapon attached to the end of a rifle
contagious viral disease causing open sores and high fever; can lead to death
bacterial infection causing severe intestinal pain; spread through food or water
mode of exchange where valuables are not sold or traded but rather given without an explicit agreement of immediate reward