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Jacobe Spelling Words 2

Below; in or to a lower place; underneath.
With the normal tone and volume of the speaking voice.
To regulate the course of; control.
For a short period or time.
For the reason that; due to the fact that.
To rely; place trust.
Up and on; upward so as to get or be on.
In anticipation; in advance; ahead of time.
Manner of behaving or acting.
Feeling fear; feeling regret; unhappiness.
Bring out the capabilities; elaborate or expand in detail.
In opposition to, contrary to; defense from.
Any of a series of steps or stages.
To have confidence; understand.
In the space, separating.
To wish or long for, want.
To strike out or remove; cancel.
List, plan outline, of things to be done.
To fill with sudden and overpowering, surprise or wonder; amaze.
To separate into parts, groups, sections.
Being one more or more of the same.
The act of or need for making up one's mind.
In association or connection with.
In or to a foreign country or countries.
Ward off attack from; guard against.