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Skin Care Products: Chemistry Ingredients & Selection

What are the esthetician's most important tools?
Products that contain water are
These are used to thicken products .
Who views cosmetics according to the Cosmetic Act of 1938?
The largest part of the skin is made up of
Ingredients that cause the actual changes in the appearance of the skin.
Performance ingredients are referred to as ______ ingredients
The FDA regulates cosmetics only in the areas of labeling, claims made for the product and
A chemical that is added to cosmetics to improve the efficiency of the preservative. ___________ _____
Used to enhance the skin's defense mechanism and stimulate cell metabolism.
Applied topically, neutralizing free radicals before they can attach themselves to cell membranes and destroy the cells.
Are surfectants that cause oil and water to mix to form an emulsion
These ingredients are designed to dissolve keratin proteins on the surface of the skin to make it softer, smoother, and help maintain the hydration level of the epidermis.
Closed lipid bilayer spheres that encapsulate ingredients, target their delivery to specific areas of the skin and control their release.
Water is a performance ingredient and a
Easily recognized on labels because they almost always end in -ate.
Anhydrous products are designed for skin that is
Colors that are synthetic, inorganic and are known as metal salts
Exfoliation with chemicals are often achieved with alpha and beta ______ acids
Mechanical process by which the removal of dead corneum cells from the skins surface (polyethylene, jojoba beads, ground nuts and seeds)
Reduce the surface tension between the skin and the product, and increase the spreadability of cosmetic products.
Colors that are organic (carbon based) compounds from animal or plant extracts and can also be natural pigments
Have been found to enhance immune response and cellular metabolism, which boost oxygen uptake in the cell. they are also called glycopolypeptides (a yeast derivative).
Dyes that give products color
Colors that do not require certification. (zinc oxide, iron oxides, carmine, mica and the ultramarine colors)