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Animals on Cayman Brac

It likes to hide inside a seashell. (2 words)
A long-legged bird that likes to eat lime lizards. (2 words)
A small lizard with a brightly colored dewlap.
A water fowl related to geese and swans. (2 words)
They live in caves and sleep hanging upside down. (2 words)
A bright and colorful bird that eats fruit and nectar.
A black and white sea bird with large yellow feet. (2 words)
A sea bird with a long white tail. It's also known as a "boson". (2 words)
A harmless snake. (2 words)
Cats and dogs that are allowed to run wild and often eat and endanger wildlife. (2 words)
The "dragon" of Nani Cave. Endangered animal.
A small lizard that takes shelter under rocks. Its other name is "lime lizard". (2 words)
A small black and yellow bird.