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Mardi Gras

First Mardi Gras Krewe
Dance before Parade
Thrown from float
Another name for Mardi Gras Day
Where floats live
Gold stands for this
Articles collected from floats
Purple stands for this
First day of carnival season
Head of the krewe
Cinnamon type pastry
Provided light for the first Mardi Gras Parades
Worn too protect identity
First African American Crew
Farewell to Flesh - Season of Feasting before Fasting
Vehicle that carries the Krewe
Carnival Organizations
Necklaces thrown from floats
Fat Monday
Stand or sit on this to catch beads
Days between Mardi Gras and Easter.
Fatted Bull or Ox - symbolic of the last meat eaten before lent
Green stands for this
Outfit worn during Mardi Gras
Oldest currently parading organization