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The Age of Enlightenment Deux

The philosopher who stated "I think, therefore, I am".
One word clue; Gravity
Marx says that the history of man is based on this concept.
This philosopher believed that the power in a government should be divided amongst 3 branches.
He helped write the first encyclopedia.
This fellow wrote "The Wealth of Nations".
The United States economy is based on this economic system.
Mr. Smith's famous book on economics.
The novel was written by the daughter of a famous English philosopher.
The type of government that has evolved based on the ideas put forth by Karl Marx.
This Geneva born philosopher believed in the Social Contract and was described as a Francophone.
This philosopher believed in the separation of church and state and defended free speech.
I'm sure it was quite a sight watching this man drop cannon balls from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
This word describes the amount of purchasing desire existing in a market.
This word describes who wins when companies battle for business in a "price war".
This man wrote the "Communist Manifesto".
Karl's work describing his socialist based economic theories.
I think, therefore, I am.
Dare to Know! Begin!
This phrase describes what moves prices in response to supply and demand.
The type of market that Mr. Smith advocated for. (he supported)
This phrase is used to describe a government not interfering in a free market.
This philosopher did not believe that the people had the right to overthrow a monarch.
This word describes the amount of goods or services that are available in a market.
This philosopher believed in the ideal of "Natural Rights".