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Mammal Fact Sheet

Name: ___________________________________
A very solitary animal.
Red Pandas are becoming extinct due to this.
Each Dolphin has a special and unique one.
These are predators of the Dingo.
Originates from Scotland.
Top speed 30 mph.
Have 2-4" claws.
Largest, most distinctive wild horse.
The Flying Fox cannot do this.
The Wolverine is the largest and most ferocious animal in the ____ family.
Meerkats live in SW _____.
The Siberian Flying Squirrel glides using this.
A predator of the Clydesdale Horse.
Hippos eat grass, flowers, and this.
Rely on camouflage for hunting.
Favorite food of the Gray Wolf.
This is 99% of the Giant Panda's diet.
Can withstand -50 degrees Celsius.
Their diet is 90% grass.
Lose molars about six times during lifetime.
The Siberian Flying Squirrel has large ____.
The Asian Elephant has been used for this.
Can open doors!
American Mink defends its territory by using its bad _____.