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Ireland history crossword

The Dublin king Cuaran abdicates following defeat from Battle of
During the Last Glacial Maximum, Ireland was fully covered in ....
1949 Ireland explicitly became a long lasting .... that was wealthy
According to many wierd and intresting chronicles ..... returns to ireland
members of the Supreme ...... were arrested in 1646 march 28
the British and the Irish parliaments enacted the Acts of...
Henry II of England lands at Waterford and declares himself as.....
Ireland receives exotic animal from England that was probably a ....
On independence, Ireland was one of the wealthier countries in ....
Palladius is sent as the first .... ,by the Pope Celestine
The Irish nationalist Robert Emmet attempted to violently seize Dublin ......
Irish .... of 1641, an attempt to gain power over English
The Ireland .... gave Ireland its Official name it still holds
A miscarried attack on the British that was counterattacked .....
The first representative of the Lordship of Ireland meets in .....
During the ..... in Ireland, Celtic's influence art, language and culture
combined French-Irish forces defeated a vastly numerically...... force at Castlebar.
Ireland was ruled by the .... for 800 very long years
Following exile ireland kings seek massive support from ..... of England
One thousand ..... soldiers landed at Kilcummin in support of rebellion