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The Sociological Imagination

"Understanding" in German
An entity that exists because people behave as if it exists and whose existence is perpetuated as people and social institutions act in accordance with the widely agreed-upon formal rules or informal norms of behavior associated with entity.
The theory that various social institutions and processes in society exist to serve some important function to keep society running.
A branch of sociology that seeks to understand local interactional contexts.
Feminist social scientist
The ability to see the connections between our person experience and the larger forces of history.
Positivist sociology
Small-group interactions
Study of human society
The idea that conflict between competing interests in the basic, animating force of social change and society in general.
A strain within sociology that believes that social world can be described and predicted by certain describable relationships.
A complex group of interdependent positions that perform a social role and reproduce themselves over time.
A branch of sociology generally concerned with social dynamics at a high level of analysis.
A sense of aimlessness or despair that arises when we can no longer reasonably expect life to be predictable.