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I have 6 legs
I have 4 legs and am slow
I have a big nose
Dr. Seuss dresses me in socks
I have claws and a shell
I am a popular pet
I have a shell and I am slow
I am soft or hard shelled
I swim in the ocean
I like to eat fish
I have a long trunk
I have a fluffy mane around my head
I'm raccoon like
I have stripes
American elk
I like to roll in the mud
A baby chicken
Fluffy wool
I live up north in the water
A fast running bird that can't fly
They howl at the moon
I have humps on my back
I am the biggest animal in the world
They quack
We have 8 legs
We have hooves
I have a litter box
I slither
Speedy cat
Long neck
I have a horn
American bison
I fly
I have a cotton ball tail
I waddle
I fly at night
I am mostly brown
I am black and white
I live in water
I dig in the dirt
I give you milk