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Weather Crossword

Teacher: Gamboa
A warm current that flows out of the gulf of Mexico and northward through the Atlantic ocean
Directional movement of ocean water resulting from steady winds
Temp., wind ,air moisture ,cloudiness, atmospheric pressure
Wind created by cooling of low level air overland
Average temp. precipitation and other weather conditions
A cyclical motion that occurs because of air density
Air mass contain winds that flow counterclockwise and upward toward the center of the air mass
Winds that flow outward from the center of an air mass in a clockwise direction
Leading edge of a warm air mass that overtakes a cooler ,dryer air mass
Leading edge of a cold ,dry air mass that over takes a warmer humid air mass
Fast flowing , narrow air currents in the atmosphere
When a front stalls over an area
Winds that are influenced by topographic features of an area
Six major wind bolts around the earth
Caused by differences in temperature pressure ,or impurity concentration
The day to day state of the atmosphere
Apparent deflection of moving air as seen by an observer on earth as a result of the earth's rotation
When a cold front over takes a warm front
A gentle wind that develops over bodies of water near lands
A volume of air define by it's temperature and water vapor content