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spelling List 25

Where there's a will, there's a way.
We must _______ air in order to live.
My favorite_____ is science.
A _____ is used to separate the city from the state in an address.
I give all of our used clothes as a _______ to the goodwill.
The runners were ______ before practice.
A ______ called to take my statement for the news paper.
Jace likes to mow the ______.
I used my _____ to make our Christmas cards
Josiah likes to eat raw _______.
The Christmas tree was soo tall it touched the ______.
Some ____ formed on the wet towels left outside.
The ____ will start at 1:00 pm
I love to shop at _______ Lobby
I got a _______ after I hit my head
A ______ contains a subject and a verb.
A person, place, or thing
The _____ struck out two batters in a row.
I found an _______ in the soil I put in my garden.
I would like to give a donation now ______ of later.
In my ______ I have the best class.
My ______ sweater is the warmest.
A sentence always begins with a ______ letter.
Dad works in a large______
Dad surprised mom with a beautiful piece of ______.