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Causes Of The Revolutionary War

The ________ Act taxed various printed materials in the colonies (newspapers, etc.).
The _______ Act regulated money in the colonies.
Colonists got mad about the new taxes and laws and began to _________ them.
Who helped the colonists fight the French and Indian War?
The colonists didn't think they should pay British taxes because they had no ________ in British Parliament.
The French and Indian War took place between the colonists and ____________.
The British decided to ______ Boston Harbor for trade as part of the Intolerable Acts.
The Sons Of ______ were a protest group that spread throughout the colonies.
Colonists thought they would lose their _________ if Britain made their laws.
When protesting colonists and British troops fought in Boston, 5 colonists were killed in the Boston _______.
12 of the 13 colonies sent representatives to the First Continental ________ to discuss the Intolerable Acts.
The British laws and taxes created more ______ among the colonies.
The _______ Act taxed imports of molasses to the colonies.
As punishment for the Boston Tea Party, the British issued the _______ Acts.
Colonists sent a ________ to King George III to repeal the Intolerable Acts, but he never responded.
The ________ Acts forced colonists to house and feed British troops.
British troops stayed in the colonies to provide _______ after the war.
In a protest known as the Boston ________, colonists dumped British tea into Boston Harbor.
The British decided to _____ the colonies to pay for the troops.
Both sides in the French and Indian War teamed up with Native American _________.