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Dinosaurs YAK

AMG Retreat, March 2017
What we make in Step 9.
The spiritual foundation of our program.
12-stepped Bill W.
There are 12 of these.
Something essential to our sobriety.
Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
What is our code?
Blank, joyous and free.
Chapter 5
Key to serenity.
Hi, my name is ... and I'm an
What freedom from the past provides.
What we had to realize we are.
Happens once a year for each of us.
There are 12 of these (too).
Achieved by the group members through the sharing of full information
Sober without meetings.
What we need to let go.
What is of our own understanding?
The meeting in a book.
As a result of these steps.
How we open meetings.
What we all strive to achieve and maintain.
Co-founder of AA