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America before Columbus: Food, Animals, & Diseases

Can be hunted; used as a food source today; some have antlers
Food in the Americas first; was much smaller than it is today
Type of horse (from Spain) that took over the Americas
Used to make chocolate; originated in South America
Animal's wool was warmer and lighter than sheep's wool
Disease was taken from the Americas back to Europe
Key to Spain's survival; only 8 of these were brought over from Spain
Animal went extinct during the Ice Age (hint: 2 words)
Many people think this food item is from Ireland, but it originated in the Americas
Animal made it possible for the Spanish to conquer Native American groups
Similar to a buffalo, this animal was an easy-to-gain food source for the Native American groups
Tropical fruit from the Americas beginning with the letter "m"
The Americas are 10 times larger than this continent
Tropical fruit from the Americas beginning with the letter "p"
Causes fever and red rashes on the body; brought to the Americas from Spain (pigs carry it)
Known as the flu, this disease was brought to America from Europe
European disease that wiped out about 90% of Native Americans
A food source in both Spain and the Americas
This animal was used by the Aztecs in 2 religious festivals