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Ancient Athens Democracy

A list of topics be discussed at a meeting
To be banished from a place
Where the Gods supposedly lived
A person who is accused of a crime in court
Holds something up
The place where the Council 500 met
The place where people would meet to debate and vote
A person who speaks in public
Where the Assembly met
The name of a great thinker in Ancient Athens
Another name for the Council of 500
People owned by other people
Made up of 501-1500 citizens
Resident of Athens who had been born outside Athens
A decision made by people in authority
Something from more than 2500 years ago
Names drawn by chance from a large number of names
Someone who works for the Courts
Has Athenian born parents
A person who brings a complaint about another person in court
Shards of pottery used to vote when exiling someone
Rulers who seize power in a cruel way
A political group
A long poem about heroes
One of the main crops in Athens