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Name: ___________________________________
Name for the eagle's back toe.
The Cooper's Hawk does not do this.
Live in flocks of 200.
Nickname of the Kestrel.
The number of eggs that a chicken can lay every 26 hours.
Native to Central and South America.
An occasional predator of the Macaroni Penguin.
98% of the Crested Caracara's diet consists of this.
Roadrunners eat these.
Hummingbirds can see this type of light.
The albatross has the largest one of any living bird.
Smallest and most common of the falcon family.
Despite the name, the females never become totally white.
A tropical bird that is 30" - 40" tall.
The Kingfisher likes to hunt here.
Eaten by the Peregrine Falcon.
A flightless bird that burrows for nests.
The snowy owl is so aggressive that they have been known to drive these away.
Favorite food of the Bald Eagle.
Has almost no sense of smell.
Lives in the desert.
The Red-Tailed Hawk lives alone except during this season.
A female pea fowl.
There are 25 billion worldwide.
A family of pea fowl.
Poachers value the Toucan bill because of this.
Maximum number of eggs that a parrot lays.