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Lesson 27 Spelling

happening often
clear to the sight or mind; plain
a resident
a habit of expecting everything to turn out for the best
a person who takes part in a contest
a tending to expect the worst possible outcome
capable of being healed
more than adequate
deserving of honor
wearable with either side out
capable of being broken down into nutrients the body can absorb
a writer of novels
a contestant in the finals of a competition
calling for immediate attention
giving out or reflecting light
love of one's own country
able to soak up
to gather from a number of sources
rejoicing for or celebrating victory or success
not filled, used, or lived in
causing scorn; ridiculous
the collecting and editing of news to be presented in newspapers or magazines or over television or radio
paying careful attention
demanding attention
causing terror or awe; fearful; dreadful